White wines



Vidal is produced with the intent to develop complexity and longevity. We use our estate-grown grapes, which are slowly cold fermented then inoculated by malolatic fermentation followed by an additional eight months of lees stirring and finishing in new Missouri oak barrels. This approach creates a rich textural wine with balanced fruit, toasty notes, creamy body and lively acidity. The wine can be fully enjoyed upon release; however, patience rewards those who care to cellar this wine for a number of years.



Vignoles is one of our aromatic varieties, produced in a full-body style that accentuates its fragrant qualities. Using our estate-grown grapes combined with a unique yeast strain selected to develop rich body, intense tropical fruit aromas and flavors yield a robust wine that can be enjoyed for years.

Hillside Blanc


Hillside Blanc is one of our yearly selected wines that feature a blend of white grapes. The varieties include vidal, vignoles and seyval, and each are fermented in individual lots and blended upon completion of initial fermentation. From that point, a variety of techniques are used to develop body, character and structure, ultimately producing a distinctive, complex wine not influenced by oak.



Seyval is our flagship white featuring a hint of fruity sweetness with bright and balanced acidity. Typically the wine features citrus and grapefruit character that can be likened to that of sauvignon blanc from the Southern Hemisphere. The crisp finish lingers while the bright acidity quenches.



Traminette melds floral, spice and citrus qualities with a kiss of sweetness to offer an intriguing aromatic wine of distinction. We extract character with a process that starts by extensively cold soaking the fruit followed by long and slow cold fermentation that honors its Alsatian heritage.