Fruity wines

Vidal Blanc


Vidal Blanc is our riesling-style wine that features stone fruit characters and a balance of sweetness and acidity. We start by blending several lots of vidal that have been individually fermented with different strains of yeast. To finish the wine, we blend about 2% of vignoles to expand its complexity.

Vignoles Semi Sweet


Vignoles Semi Sweet is our semisweet version of the very fruity and crisp white wine. The yeast selection used to ferment this wine accentuates the pineapple flavors, which dominates the wine’s tropical fruit profile. The slow cold fermentation and cold soaking process helps create the wine’s depth, body and complexity.

Gabrielle’s Blush


Gabrielle’s Blush wine is a blend of vidal and vignoles with a touch of chambourcin added for body, flavor and color. Like a blushing little girl this wine is pleasantly sweet and vibrant.

Sweet Sunset Red


Sweet Sunset Red is as colorful on the palate as our sunsets are to watch. A well balanced sweet red wine with great flavors, body and texture. Enjoy this one chilled on its own or with dark chocolate while taking in the spectacular view at Röbller Vineyard. Don’t forget to share this one with your friends — it’s a crowd-pleaser.

Jeu D’Eau


Jeu D’Eau is our sweet, moscato-style white wine. The name loosely translates to “dancing waters,” which alludes to its whimsical, fruity character. We blend vidal, seyval and a muscat hybrid to create this light, refreshing wine. It brings together a balance of sweetness, stone fruit character and crispness in the finish, which prevents it from being heavy or syrupy.