Spring has sprung and Summer is on its way

Every year we wait for winter to release its grip on the vineyard.  Always there is an uncertainty until the plants show themselves.  Then the assessment of what is to come for the years harvest begins.

Well, we have found this winter to leave us in good shape and the vineyard is looking as good as it ever has.  The rains, which seem to mess up everybody's outdoor plans has given the plants the water they need to make it through the summer. Like with everyone's yard it is difficult keeping up with the mowing, and yes the mowing and the mowing and the mowing..... Well the place is looking great and the anticipation of a great harvest is what we are planning for at this point. But yet mother nature always has a play that will throw us a curve. What that is has yet to be revealed.  So in the mean time come out and make to most of what is. We have some great wines which are showing extremely well and the place is green as all get out and Sunny Camp Robller is always welcoming for family and friends.

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