Epicure & Culture Names Röbller Vineyard Among Top Wineries in Missouri

On September 16, Alicia Erickson – writer and wine connoisseur for the popular online blog Epicure & Culture: Food, Wine & Culture for the Ethical Traveler – published her take on our great Missouri wine country and the best vineyards that lay within.

Among her top four wineries to explore on the Missouri Wine Trail, Alicia lists Röbller Vineyard first. She describes Röbller as a true definition of a family winery rooted in passion, tradition and experimentation.

“Röbller is truly shaped by a love for the land and experimentation with winemaking. Although Missouri’s grapes are different than traditional varietals, Jerry draws upon techniques from his favorite wines around the world and applies it to the Norton and Vignoles grapes, among others,” she said. “Through this approach, Röbller produces wines that echo the best of both old world and Missouri wines.”

Röbller is thankful for Alicia’s visit and her keen awareness into what makes Missouri wine special and Röbller wines particularly unique.

Her article reviews the rich history of winemaking in Missouri and how German immigrants carried their unique grapes and winemaking traditions to the lush, rolling hills of small Midwestern towns near the Missouri River as early as the mid-1800s. Following the setback of prohibition, she discusses the reawakening of winemaking in the area, still beholden to European winemaking traditions.

“Alicia’s rich insight made her visit very special,” Röbller Winemaker Jerry Mueller said. “It was a delight to share our experience and values with her.”

 Read Alicia’s full article here.

Jana Woods