Visitor Review: Röbller is a “Bright Spot” Among Missouri Wineries

We love seeing what our customers have to say about about their visits to Röbller. Thank you, Robert Drumm, for your kind words. We are glad we could provide you with a positive winery experience in Missouri!

From Robert Drumm from Overland Park Kansas:

It isn’t the fanciest, or most convenient, winery … but I guess they have to go where the best soils are, even if getting there involves gravel roads.

Having never sampled Missouri wines (but having a little knowledge of wine in general) I was disappointed with my first day in Missouri wine country. All of the drier wines we tried our first day were … meh. Our experience with these had been a quick initial hint of fruit not rich … just fruit … then nothing but water in the middle … then the dryness kicked in. No structure at all.

But someone suggested we drive down the road to Röbller in New Haven, where we met Jerry the next day. He walked us through his wines and we finally found the structure … the interesting middle … in Missouri winemaking. He (or his parents) seem to have planted the right varieties in the right spot years ago, and he has found the yeasts and worked out the blends to make the most of what the vines give him. And he was very knowledgeable about viticulture and oenology in the region, and other regions, as well. Nothing we tried was bad, and many of them would stand toe-to-toe against wines from other well-known regions where Mother Nature makes it easy to make good wine.

We spent our wine budget, and then some, all with Röbller, and left with his recommendation to find an artisanal cheese maker in the backwoods (Cool Cow cheese by Tom at Martha & Tom’s Farm) who also knew his trade well (and served us a glass of Jerry’s wine as we sampled the cheeses).

If you’re serious about wine, there are some bright spots in Missouri, and Röbller is one of them.

Jana Woods